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Friday, February 5, 2010

Jersey Mike's for lunch today...catered.

Today we had Jersey Mike's cater our lunch.  Too bad it wasn't delivered by the Jersey Shore cast, that would have been amazing!  Hey Snookie, you fugat the Snickaz.  Fuggdaboutit!  Oh well, can't have it all can we, but apparently these guys have it all now. 

So I had four different kinds of their subs.  Kinda like a Jersey Mike's sub sampler plate.  I had their Turkey and cheese (the best one by far), the Roast Beef...kinda bland, the Italian, pretty good, and the Club, Ham, Turkey and Bacon...not bad.  If I were to rank them I would go:
  1. Turkey and Cheese
  2. Club
  3. Italian
  4. Roast Beef
I am just got an email from Snookie telling me she's pissed at me because I had the Italian sub ranked so low.  Apparently Ronnie is on his way to rough me up a little.  Next time you see me, I might have a shiner.
4 burps.  Have a great weekend!

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