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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Itz-a-Deli for lunch today.

I went to Itz-A-Deli for lunch today.  It-was-a-treat!  Seriously so good.  I had their Hero Sandwich on Squaw bread.  I realize it should be served on a roll, but I thought I would go slightly healthier on the bread.
This great big sandwich, actually their large size is one and a half sandwiches.  This tasty bad boy came chock full of  Ham, Turkey and Roast beef.  I was only able to eat I could only eat two-thirds of this so I will have to polish off the rest of it for dinner.  4.5 burps. 

We also celebrated 3 birthdays today, so I got some chocolate cake for dessert.  "Dad is great, gives us chocolate cake"

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