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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Denny's Free Grand Slam!

So here is the scene at Denny's today.  In case you didn't know, they were offering free GRAND SLAM Breakfasts from 6am to 2pm.   These are the people inside the Denny's waiting for their numbers to be called.  Oh yeah, they didn't take your name down, they gave you a number like the butcher does and asked how many people were in your party.  I had # 50 and a party of one.  Not much of a party I realize.  Below, is my breakfast for lunch.  Grand Slam with coffee, eggs over medium.  You should have seen these folks working their butts off , and pumping out Grand Slams like Lou Gehrig.  I didn't have to wait very long because I knew it would be a mad dash at the end, so I got there around 12:40...but it was a different story when I left.  

After I was done, I came out to this scene, a line out the door and all the way to the parking lot.  Mind you, these are the stragglers that decided to wait until the final minute.  This was the line at 1:15pm.  I wonder if any of them will get turned away.
Yes, I am a fat tipper...check it peeps!  So yeah, it was a good choice Grand Slam, coffee, smiles, for $4.16, you can't beat that peeps!  Best quote overheard from one of the waitresses..."I can't wait until 2 p.m."  4.75 burps...I think I might make breakfast for lunch a regular treat every now and then.
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