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Friday, January 8, 2010

TK Burger Truck!

It has yet to fail, every time we have had the TK Burger Truck cater our lunches, they bring speakers, a flat screen, and SUNSHINE.  Perhaps it should be called the TK Sunshine Truck.  Anyway, last time they were here, I tried their RIB EYE sandwich, and it was just mediocre.  This time, I decided to try their Veggie Burger.  There are quite a few guys at our work that are vegetarian and they have told me that the veggie burger was really good, so I wanted to put it up to the challenge as an avid meat eater.
I was not disappointed, this was really not that bad.  I have had bites of veggie burgers in the past, and I have to be honest, they were pretty blah.  TK's Veggie burger was as good as advertised and it was just enough to satisfy my appetite.  One thing I have to admit, anytime the word "Burger" is in your mind, and it happens to be what you are eating, you can't help but miss the "real meat" taste.  That is really the only thing I can complain about, but its really not a complaint.  I genuinely enjoyed it, and I followed it up with a plate of fruit.  Overall, not bad at all!  Not quite a 5 but a solid 4.5 burps.  However, I still want to share a video of one of my all time favorite montages of all time.  Please scroll down for "Hearts on Fire", the Rocky 4 Training montage.


  1. It looks like the bun to patty ratio is off on this one. Too much pan, que no?

  2. Kinda looks like that, but it was fine.


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