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Thursday, January 28, 2010


So I wanted to have a lot of salad and some soup for lunch today...what a better place the Souplantation right?  Well, the key words are lots of salad not necessarily tasty.  So that sums up my lunch pretty much.
First round, I had a big plate of salad, and I tried the Low Fat Ranch dressing.  They might as well call it low fat low zero taste Ranch.  It really was super bland and probably would have been better without any dressing as it just sucked.  The soup was not bad.  My first round was a bowl of their so called "Famous Chili".  It was ok, added a little cheese and some onions...and it made me happy.

For round two, I had some Mac and Cheese and a cup of their clam chowda.  Not bad...nothing spectacular, but it did finish the job and leave me pretty full. 

Not the best lunch, and a bit overpriced, just under $12.00 for the buffet and a drink.  Bring your own beverage if you want to keep it under $10, but even that to me is too much to spend on their food.  I remember it being a little better, so maybe I got them on an off day.  Anyway...3 burps, and I wish I had gone to In-N-Out.

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