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Monday, January 11, 2010

Miguel's catered our lunch today.

Today our lunch was catered by Miguel's in Foothill Ranch.  They had a bunch of stuff available for us to pick and choose from so I kinda just put together what I like to call a FIESTA PLATE.  I was disappointed that they did not provide cheese this time so that I could make some nachos, but instead we have:  A chile relleno, chips, beans, carne asada and chicken fajitas.  A little guacamole and sour cream and presto, that is what you see on my plate.  Oh yeah, I think there is a quesadilla in there somewhere.  I am a little ashamed that I could not finish all of it, my mom will most likely be upset, and now I get no dessert.  Oh well, 4.5 burps.  I think I am done eating for the day.  This is enough fuel to keep me going at least until lunch tomorrow. 

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