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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Left over pizza from Lamppost

Today, I took the day off from work to catch up on some sleep and meet the AT&T guy to install our U-Verse. Good news, I did get some sleep, and got some important things unpacked to prepare for the installation of our cable, internet, and phone. Bad news, found out that our electricity is NOT grounded, so we cannot do U-Verse @ our house until that is done. Another option would be to go with Time Warner but I hate them!!! I digress, for lunch, I had two slices of pepperoni pizza from Lampost. I had to re-heat them in the microwave so the crust was pretty tough. Not nearly as good as it was when we ordered it, but it fed me. I feel so defeated today, but I am still very blessed. 2 burps...sigh.
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  1. Someday we'll have a kitchen and real food.


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