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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hot and Spicy like me!

I was too lazy to go out and get lunch today.  Plus the overcast weather called for soup.  But I added a ghettofied twist, again.  This one will probably gross some of you out.  However, bare with me and see what happens. 

First I had to add room temperature water up to the fill line, then I added packet # 1 and packet # 2.  Next I microwaved it on high for three and a half minutes.  After letting it sit for a minute, I added the  SOUP BOOSTER.  Please do not forget this, its kinda funky looking, and dark, but if you don't boost your soup, who will?  Here comes the best part, next I added a whole bag of crushed Tim's Jalapeno Potato Chips.

I then finished it off with a dabble or two of Crystal Louisianna Pure Hot Sauce.  WOWZA!  It was pretty good.  So far I am three for three on these "experiments"!  4.5 burps and a huge smiley face since I had to spend nothing on this amazing ghettofied treat. 

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  1. You are so creative with these soups! You should write a recipe book someday..."Ghettofied"?


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