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Friday, January 22, 2010

BJ's Pizzeria catered our lunch today.

Happy Friday everybody!  I am ready for a great weekend!  Today we had our lunch catered by BJ's Pizza.
Sadly, no beer was provided, but I could certainly use a tall cold one right now.  It just seems right. Pictured here, I have a slice of Buffalo Chicken Pizza, a slice of the Veggie Pizza (on accident. I thought it was the works but oh well),  BBQ Chicken Salad, a mozzerella stick, and a chicken strip.  Honestly, the two best things on my plate were the Salad and the Chicken Strip.  The pizza, well, it could have been beautiful, but BJ's Pizza just doesn't travel well, and gets cold really fast.  3 Burps and an emphatic Fist Pump to get the weekend started!!! 

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