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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Teri Ya Salmon Plate

LUNCH FAIL!  Yup, it was bound to happen.  This place SUCKS!  It's called TERI YA and its in Foothill Ranch.  I ordered a Salmon Plate and should have just ordered salmonella!  JK, but bueno...WAAAY too salty, and all they did was squirt it with a little Teriyaki Sauce and throw lettuce in the empty side holders.  $9.00 for this crappy lunch.  I had to eat it all because it was hungry, but I can honestly say that it was such a disappointment.  I will never go back there again.  ***Please note, if you are a restaurant owner, do not have your TV on the FOOD NETWORK Channel when your food sucks, it only makes your customers crave what they are seeing on TV and makes them hate you more for making them such a crappy meal.  1 very hard to hear burp!


  1. Aaaaww... Well, at least I can say I was here when Dude Where's My Lunch had it's FIRST 1 Burp Rating.
    ~ Lalo

  2. So disappointing...I feel cheated.


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