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Monday, November 23, 2009

Pei Wei catered our lunch today...

We had Pei Wei Cater our lunch today.  Much like all the other things we get here, some of them do not travel well, and sadly this one place falls into that category.  It also didn't help that I wasn't able to go out there and get my meal until about 30 mins after everyone else.  However, I think I was able to piece together a decent spread.  What you see here is Orange Chicken and Broccoli Beef on a bed of rice.  A little salad on the side for ruffage and we have a complete meal.  Well, almost a complete meal no dairy, but I digress.  Not bad, I probably should have re-heated it for 30 seconds, but then the salad would have tasted funky.
Anyway...3.5 burps.  I can say that to eat there at Pei Wei, is actually pretty good.  Legit eatery.

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