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Monday, November 9, 2009

Daphne's Greek Cafe

Sorry about the late blog today.  It was a crazy busy day for me, and I didn't get around to it until now.
Today, Daphne's Greek Cafe catered our lunch.  By the time I got to the lunch area, most of the good stuff was gone, but I was still able to put together a nice little plate.  With the goodies you see on my plate below, I made my self some little mini GYROS and topped it all off with some tasty baklava.  I really like Greek Food...and Daphne's is good for that...all things considered.  Ideally, this meal  is much better when enjoyed fresh and hot, and truthfully, this food does not travel well.  This time, it surprisingly held up and it was a very good lunch.  3.5 burps.  Wait a minute...hold on, I am replaying the tape, and and the play is under review.  After further review, the call has been upgraded to 4 burps due to the baklava.  First Down!

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