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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Carl's Jr. for lunch today

Ahh yes, old faithful.  I can always count on the Carl's Super Star to deliver a quality lunch.  I have been a loyal Super Star consumer for at least 20 years, probably more, and it never fails, just delivers.  It truly gets in my face because it gets all over the place.  Interesting story, there was an older woman, perhaps in her late 60's maybe even 70's sitting in a table (with fam) across from me.  It looked as though she had a lot of work done to make herself look younger.  Not sure if she was trying to look 40, but I think the doctor that helped her with the surgery must have misunderstood her.  She probably said I want to look like a cougar and he literally made her look like a cougar.  I even noticed that she was eyeballing my Super Star.  It made me nervous because I thought she was about to pounce and steal my lunch.  I was ready to bolt or fight her off with the salt shaker.  Luckily the Saber Tooth took pity on me and never went for my food.  Perhaps she saw the killer instinct in my eyes or the firm grip I had on the salt shaker.  Whatever it was, I was able to enjoy my lunch in its entirety.  4 burps, would have been 4.5 but the dude never brought me the side of Ranch I asked for. 


  1. I love how the lettuce at Carl's Jr. is ALWAYS audibly crispy.
    ~ Lalo

  2. It does add a nice touch...that crunch!


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