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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken from Carl's Jr.

Today for lunch I had the Bacon Swiss Crispy Sandwich from Carl's.  I had the combo with a medium drink and upgraded to the to the Criss Cut Fries.  I had a slight variation on the sandwich, and they accommodated me.  I wanted it on a wheat bun and they were more than happy to meet my demands.  This turned out to be a great choice.  Sandwich was so so...I think it just made me want a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from the places I normally go to. was alright...not crazy good, but satisfying.  Is it me or do the fries at Carl's Jr. suck now?  I remember back when they had those crinkle cut fries.  Those we amazing...they should have never gotten rid of those.  The Criss Cut fries used to be a lot better too, I only ate about half of mine...they just weren't tasty.  For my rating on the burp scale, please refer to the actual "HOW WAS IT CARD" pictured below.

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