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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Marie Calender's Grilled Chicken Breast Microwavable Meal

Albertson's was having a sale on these meals so my wife picked up a bunch last night.  I believe they were $1.99.  I would have paid $4.00 easily.   Pretty Good!

This is the BEFORE Picture...not too sexy.

Here is the AFTER picture...still not too sexy...but it is what it is people.

What is sexy, is the picture on the back!  Food from the heart...prepared with love and care.
Love, Marie
Is that Marie with her grandchild.  I feel the love and care.  I can tell that she really loves to cook for me, and it makes her happy to feed me.  Pretty good meal for a frozen dinner.
3.5 burps!


  1. Hooray Marie! I had Marie's beef tips in mushroom sauce last night...delicious!

  2. Kudos to Carissa on her value shopping!

  3. The Teriyaki Chicken was also legit last night!

  4. i don't really eat that anymore but i have to say that MC have some of the tastiest frozen foods!


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