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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well, I had to to stop by Ralph's this morning on my way to work today so I decided to see what kind of lunch options were available in the frozen section.  I had very little time, so I had to make a quick decision so I decided to go with a Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers.  It looked like a tasty dish, I had the Cajun Style Chicken and Shrimp.  Let's just say that I am glad I don't bring these to lunch everyday.  It was almost filling, and it should hold off my hunger until I get home...perhaps a Snickers bar around 3:30 pm will hit the spot.
What my Cafe Steamer lacks in flavor, it completely makes up in creative cooking.
  1. Remove the meal from carton; Place in microwave oven.  Meal self-vents, DO NOT PUNCTURE (this is crazy, since early childhood,  I have always punctured my microwave far we have come!)
  2. Microwave on HIGH 4-5 minutes.  (I went for 4.5 minutes, seemed reasonable) The self-venting steaming film may make popping sound. This is normal. (Normal for POPCORN!)
  3. Carefully remove film from top as PRODUCT WILL BE HOT. Remove steamer basket  from outer sauce bowl. 
  4. Stir steamed food into sauce bowl.
  5. Check that product is cooked thoroughly. (I usually stick my finger in it...but they get all fancy with a picture of a thermometer, that is fancy schmancy, but I don't have one at work, so I burned my finger). 
Overall, if you are looking to just put something in your stomach and almost be full, this is a good option, if you are looking for flavor...take a little more time to find something you might really like.

1.5 Burps only because I added some Louisiana hot sauce to it.


  1. How awful! I'll try and make something tasty for dinner! How about home made tacos?

  2. ew. that is what i do not miss about having a day job is bringing frozen lunch for lunch. bleck.


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