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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flame Broiler Half and Half

I had to buy a new phone today, so I cruised to Target to get the cheapest phone I could find.  I ended up buying some black socks as well...need more of those...I have now added two more pairs to my lineup.
So with the little time I had left, I had to pick up a little something to go.   I kinda felt a bowl of goodness, so I went to  This proved to be an excellent choice!  It is sooo good!
I had their Half and Half bowl.  Beef and Chicken on rice.  I got some extra teriyaki sauce and when you add some of their hot sauce...fuggedaboutit! What a savory and sweet combination!  Excellent!!!  It was still hot by the time I got back to my desk.  Less than $6, you can't beat that with a cane. Based on quality, quantity, taste, and fast delivery, I am going to give this...drum roll please...5 Burps.  Which means you get a bonus video...this lunch made me want more more more!  Scroll down you lucky peeps!


  1. Scallions, scallions, I do love me some SCALLIONS!

  2. This looks delicious...and I loooove this video!!

  3. It was superb, well deserved 5 burps!


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