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Friday, September 4, 2009

Chronic Tacos Today for lunch.

Today we got our lunch catered at work by Chronic Tacos. I have known about this place for a while, but I have never had their tacos.  They were alright.
I had a Chicken, a Pork, and a Carne Asada Taco.
The Carne Asada one was by far the best.  The Pork one was very greasy, I wanted to wring it out, but didn't have any gloves.  Chicken taco was good.
Overall, not too shabby, but not ground breaking either...then again, this is probably a lot better when you have it fresh at one of their many locations in the OC.  2.5 burps and an extra birthday cake!  Yes, thanks to one of our co-workers celebrating their birthday today, we all got some cake!

I think someone put a thumb in my cake though...there is definitely a thumbprint on my cake.  I ate it anyway...I mean who cares really?  Actually I only ate half of it.  Gotta keep my girlish man figure.

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