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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Carl's Jr. for lunch today, after my haircut.

I had to get a haircut today so I went to Great Clips first, and then after my haircut hit Carl's Jr. To Go.  After seeing the commercials for the BIG CARL, I decided to give it the old Pepsi Taste test.  I can honestly say I was not really wowed.  I mean, I grew up loving the BIG MAC, and it was what made me a fat kid growing up.  The Big Carl just tasted like the Carl's Super Star without all the extra lettuce, tomatoes and onions.  It could have used more of that special sauce to give it that taste I was looking for(Thousand Island Dressing). Also, I hate how the let down you get from the promo pictures and the actual true life product.  My Big Carl looked like a flat carl, but that goes for every fast food joint. Still tasty, but a let down.  I give it 3.5 burps.
Here what the BIG CARL promo picture looks like:

This is what mine looked like:

Here is my customer experience card just for the thrill of it:

And here is a picture of my freshly cut hair.  I am thinking of naming it El Niño cuz it looks like the eye of the storm.  I love my cowlicks!


  1. I had Carl's today, too! And I love your cowlicks, too! (Made for each other??)

  2. NO WAAAAAAY!!! I swear...I had C.J.'s today too and ordered the same shit! So I left work early today for my tattoo appointment, which I don't know if you read, was cancelled (my artist had chorro),. So on the way home I hit the drive-thru. What you wrote here, went through my head earlier...VERBATIM! But, seriously, I totally agree with you.
    ~ LALO
    P.S. - Do you know if Carrissa ordered the same thing too?

  3. Dude, that is freaky! I love it. I mean, its still Carl's and there burgers are not bad.
    I don't know what Carrisa had though.


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