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Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Thriller Album by Michael Jackson

My wife bought me a couple of wall frames to put Albums in, so I went over to my mom's place to recover some old relics of my childhood.  The no-brainer, was Michael Jackson's Thriller.  Not only the best selling record of all time, it is probably to this day, still my favorite album.  I used to sit and listen to this thing over and over again.  It is also the first album I ever learned every single lyric of every single song.  Quite possibly a perfect record.  
I felt compelled to take picture of the contents, because I will probably not remove it from the frame again.  I have had this record for over 26 years!  This album used to inspire me, babysit me, and to this day, always makes me feel good.
Here is the inside of the cover, I remember as a nine year old, thinking that no one can be as cool as MJ.  I mean, who gets to take pictures with a tiger cub in a sweet (at least back then) white suit?  I was also convinced that MJ didn't poop.  I just couldn't picture it, I didn't really know how he could do it, but I just could not picture Michael sitting on a toilet, taking care of nature.
 At first I listened to the album and sang along.  Even some of the songs that were not really played on the radio, I grew to love.  It just happens when you listen to an album over and over.  (I can also say that about George Michael's Faith)  Eventually I had to check all the lyrics on the sleeve to make sure I had them all down pat.  For the most part, I was spot on, but I was off on some of the lyrics.  It never got old for me, there was a time that I would listen to it a few times a day, everyday.  It was my life soundtrack for more than a couple of years.
As you can see the sleeves have some stains on them.  I wasn't much of a coffee drinker back then, so I am pretty sure they were soda (Coke) stains.  I'm surprised there are no McDonald's Ketchup stains because I am sure I would have had some near or around this while I was listening to the album following the words on the sleeve.
I would love to put this on a record player right now, but I do not have one.  I have to settle by listening to the Michael Jackson Channel on You Tube. 
Not only was MJ a talented writer, but he was a pretty damn good artist as well.  At least above average wouldn't you say?  This guy could do it all!  Well, maybe not all, but creatively, he was pretty damn amazing.   I can't say that if he applied his drive to athletics, he could have been a 100 mph hurler, or perhaps a track star...but shoot, when would there be time for that?

I can honestly say that this is one of my most cherished possessions and one that I will never part with.  It just takes me back to a place in my childhood that you cannot create just by looking at pictures or remembering stories.  When you listen to music from a particular time there is something that just transports you.  Your senses remember feelings, smells, thoughts, dreams and for me back then, those were all great memories.  
 I may not have grown up with all the toys and video games that I wanted.  My mom had to work two jobs to support me and my sister and we didn't really have much.  Although at that age I could not realize how hard she worked and how much she sacrificed to provide for us.  I was happy and I still remember that when I got this record from her as a gift, it wasn't what I really wanted.  I think what I really wanted was an Atari 5200.  I now realize that  this is what she could afford and was something that she knew I would love and that's the kind of woman that she is. 


  1. Dude, where's my "Dude Where's My Lunch" LUNCH post?

  2. Dude I am feeding you a piece of me. That is my lunch today. The satisfaction of sharing a moment with you feeds my heart and mind.


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