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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dude where's my BRUNCH? The Chili Pepper in Orange

Have you ever had one of those perfect meals that just brings a smile to your belly and a tear in your eye as you approach the last bite? Well my friends, today I had one of those meals! We were driving home from LA and thought to stop at The Chili Pepper.  I have been going to this restaurant since I was a little snot nosed brat.  Their brunch includes fruit, champagne, soft drinks and dessert.
They give you a menu to chose your entree.  I went with the Huevos Rancheros Especiales Oaxaca Style, a variation of the standard, with pork over the eggs, and OAXACA sauce.  AMAZING!!!  It also comes with Chilaquiles that accentuated the meal perfectly.  The best bite came when I broke into the egg yolk for the first time.  What followed was the perfect combination of eggs, tortilla, beans, pork, and OAXACA salsa.  Downright heavenly, did you hear me!?  HEAVENLY!!!  All of that including my wife's meal, for $21.  You can't beat that!!! If you are ever in the town of Orange, I HIGHLY recommend you stop and taste the traditional Mexican dishes at this fabulous establishment.  5 Burps and a bonus stain on the shirt!!!
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  1. Holy shit! I HAVE to have that!!!

  2. Dude, this place is legit!!!
    Hey, let me know if you want to post on this blog, I will add you as an author.
    You don't have to do it everyday, but whenever you like.


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